What is all this!? (3 min. read)

New here? Well, me too! Let’s see where we can take this!
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On tea (1 min read)

Tea. I never quite learned how to appreciate it. I suppose it is an acquired taste, like beer. A fruity tea is easy to like – it tastes familiar, like fruit.

Familiarity is key in appreciating something. I always assume Brits enjoy their tea because their parents enjoy their tea. The only tea that I was raised with was linden tea with lemon and honey (adding stuff to tea is a polarizing topic that I will not address). Nice, dried, kettle-boiled linden leaves and flowers, strained in a big mug. Golden in look, perfumed in smell. Sweet from the honey, sour from the lemon. Serve it hot and it unclogs runny noses and soothes sore throats. Serve it cold, I cannot say – I never did. Which is why warm linden tea with honey and lemon is my comfort zone. I bet I wouldn’t even like it without these two additions.

Since growing up I tried many other things: blends like Earl Grey, Indian Assam, or jasmine tea. Never did I understand what’s the deal with them: milk or no milk! Call me barbaric, but stepping out into the bitterness of “plain” tea (say, black or green) feels like being pulled out of a soft, warm blanket on a rainy morning.

I wonder if it’s possible to learn tea. What’s your poison?

 Photo courtesy of Vee O via Unsplash.


Broccoli is good, everyone knows that. I don’t need to tell you to eat it. Just look at it, it’s so pretty. Decide for yourself.

A different kind of power walk (2 min. read)

“Enjoy the little things in life” is kind of a corny thing to say. Which is why I’m saying it.

Another corny thing is power walking. Which is why I am suggesting a different kind of power walking.


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Hi! Meet Self. (1 min. read)

“Do as you would be done by”, the saying goes. It sounds straightforward. It means treat the others how you would like them to treat you. However, I think we forget to apply it to ourselves, too.

Don’t you think that you are harsher to yourself than you are to others? What do you do to yourself that you don’t do to others? Try detaching from your self. Look at the self and treat it like it was someone you care about. Would you tell them to stay up late at night, to not tend to their health, to not open up if they need advice? Of course not. But do you do it? Most likely.

I know I am guilty of such things.

“But I can do anything I want with myself!”

Yes, you can. And you do. That’s why you should meet your self. They probably have something to say about that.

Go on, I’m sure you have a lot in common.

The sea follows (fiction)

His skin was tattered, like leather. His wrinkles looked like they grew in the desert, although they belonged on the seas. He was the oldest in the village, and in the neighboring villages. There was not another man as old as he was. He would stand on the cliff overlooking the broken fjords and stare into the horizon, leaning with his coarse hands on a rugged walking stick.


“He lost his mind long ago”, the villagers would say.

“He only mumbles about death and destruction and how the stars will align.”

Indeed, nobody had been speaking to him for many years. Nobody, except her.  Continue reading…

Miau (fiction)

The deep rumble of the facility gets a bit louder sometimes. That is when they fire up the thrusters. ‘They’, as in the ones who run this bunker. That’s what this is. A bunker. Underground, but not in the traditional way. The facility is buried within some very nondescript asteroid, which follows a very well-known orbit. I don’t know if this rock made its way here by itself or with the help of the thrusters that were at some point built on it to maintain that orbit. Nevertheless, this place goes around the system as precisely as an atomic pocket watch. Some people actually pay to go on cruises like this. Except, they get to have windows. And better food. I do not understand why some people can derive entertainment from orbiting around a star by calling it a ‘cruise’ or a ‘holiday’. I wonder if the staff in here actually do that: leave one asteroid for a while to take a break on another. Continue reading…